Who creates your business value?

Who creates your business value?

Regardless how I approach it …

I cannot see how not your people are your key players.

Truly, other factors may have a large effect on your operations and value creating processes, but eventually they are tied to human performance, aren’t they?

Yet, besides the fact that major items of operational expenses are salaries of your „human resorces” ( a term quite degrading, I believe) sometimes there are no other signs that your employees play a crucial role in your profit-making.


Does your HR director have a double-vote at the Board’s Table?

Well, why would they? you may ask.

Isn’t the person responsible for your employees’ performance more important than any other stake-holder?

Is it not the basis of the responsiblity of any given leader? Responsibility for their well-being? Rings a bell?

Value generally comes from human creativity, persistence or labour.

How is it OK not to pay double attention to factors so crucial to your value-creating processes as engagement, contentment or overall mental & emotional well-being of your players?

If you can agree with the abovementioned reasoning, then ask yourself why aren’t there any emotional & mental health experts looking after your employees at work?

Are there?

Then pat yourself on the back. You took a major step ahead into the future of employement,

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